About Us

MCB’s financial strength and stability means we will always be there for you.

MCB has successfully held numerous prime contracts in both the public and private sector, giving our clients the ability to work with a financially strong company with almost 20 years of experience.

A strong organization starts with a strong leadership team.

Our leadership team is well educated, highly competent, very experienced, and extremely passionate about exceeding our client’s expectations.

MCB’s guiding principles were developed to put the client first.

MCB has a sound organizational culture that is driven by seven principles including the most important principle of maintaining high integrity.  That value is held throughout all levels of our organization and is apparent to our clients.

MCB has the ability to deploy quickly.

Clients sometimes have the requirement for a quick mobilization.  We not only understand that need but also have the knowledge, capability, and recognized experience.

We are proud of our involvement.

MCB’s employees are dedicated to helping those in need and are proud of their shared level of continued commitment.

We believe that the world will be better if we all do our part.

MCB is enthusiastic about caring for the environment and every day strives to exceed our sustainability goals.

Clients choose us for our quality performance and integrity.

Since 1994 MCB has been dedicated to providing quality service and outstanding results for our clients in both the public and private sectors.