Corporate Culture

MCB’s guiding principles were developed to put the client first.
  • cultureMCB believes that if we exceed our customers’ expectations consistently and cost effectively that our superior manner will distinguish ourselves as the industry leader.
  • We consider our employees are our most important asset and that by being empowered and productive they have greater job satisfaction and contribute to the overall success of the company.
  • To obtain a larger market share and repeat business, customers will choose us when we are easy to do business with by being fast, accurate, and flexible.
  • MCB believes that you can only improve what you quantify and that the best informed decisions are based on measures using all the right information, numbers, and data.
  • Innovation is necessary to grow, diversify, and remain competitive so we continually create new concepts and procedures.
  • By being proactive and accurately anticipating our customers’ needs we provide superior value and increased satisfaction for our services.
  • High integrity is the only acceptable behavior and is the principle that has built our company and continues to drive all aspects of our business.