Complete Facilities Maintenance (SIN 811-002)

We deliver the following services as stand-alone or in multiple combinations for the complete facility operations, maintenance and repair:

• Cemetery maintenance
• Laundry services
• Pest control services
• Janitorial/custodial services
• Locksmith services
• Plumbing operations & maintenance
• Electrical services: high/low voltage systems maintenance & repair of   exterior electrical distribution system
• Maintenance of energy management control systems (EMCS)
• Refrigeration maintenance
• Elevator inspection and maintenance service
• Maintenance of renewable energy systems
• Repair of water tanks
• Fire alarm system preventive maintenance and repair service
• Maintenance support training and consulting services
• Telephone maintenance
• Fire suppression system preventive maintenance and repair services
• Mechanical and operations maintenance & repair of building systems to include: HVAC, boilers, chillers, etc.
• Tree trimming
• Grounds maintenance – to include: snow removal & landscaping
• Operation and maintenance of water distribution and septic systems
• Painting (Davis-Bacon included)