Our Services

MCB delivers REO Management that maximizes ROI.


For over twenty years, MCB has successfully managed and sold more than 250,000 real estate assets for the government and banking institutions in the most varied and challenging geographic regions of the country – and during some of the most difficult economic times for the housing market.  We are accustomed and organized to move large portfolios of foreclosed properties through the process; performing any needed repairs and maintenance, keeping properties in ready to show condition, aggressively marketing and closing the sale – quickly.

MCB focuses on your bottom line.

At MCB, our teams of experienced property managers works closely with each client to ensure their commercial, industrial or residential property management objectives are achieved.  Our clients appreciate our personal service and attention to detail, but more importantly, our clients value the fact that we manage properties with close attention to their bottom line.

MCB manages costs and grows revenue.

Staying competitive means managing costs and growing revenue, and today’s economic climate makes staying competitive more difficult than ever.  Delivering a product or service in the face of rising costs and reduced resources requires a mindset of continuous process improvement – or the decision to outsource one or more parts of that process.  Whatever direction the client decides to pursue, MCB can lend the necessary expertise and resources to allow the client to focus on their core business.