Financial & Business Solutions

MCB manages costs and grows revenue.

Financial & Business SolutionsIn a world of reduced resources, higher costs and complex compliance requirements, it makes sense for companies and governmental entities to consider outsourcing one or more of their business processes – or to engage a fresh perspective on how to improve existing processes.  MCB is prepared to take on these challenges for our clients.  Our management team has significant experience in managing business processes with high volume transactions.  Our focus is on both production and quality.

Process Improvement.  Building efficiency within a process when you’re responding to thousands of transactions each day requires constant examination of the process, and ongoing training of staff.  MCB uses the principles and disciplines of Six Sigma to systematically identify the steps in a process that are redundant or wasteful, and then establish the limits of acceptable variables.  The end result is a stream-lined, more efficient and cost saving way to get the job done.  We believe that continuous process improvement (CPI) is just that – it never ends.