MCB Solutions – HUD Conveyance and Compliance

puzzle piece coming down into it's placeWe Listen. MCB will collaborate with you and your team to address specific concerns in any aspect of your FHA business. We can help you develop solutions that make sense for your operation, and help you maximize your eligible reimbursements from the Federal Government.

We Provide Solutions. During our tenure as Mortgagee Compliance Manager (MCM) for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), we provided guidance to the Mortgage Industry throughout the FHA pre‐ and post‐conveyance processes. We are pleased to offer custom services that fall into these categories: Consulting and Training, Processing, and Quality Control.

Consulting and Training
MCB can provide remote or on‐site consulting services for senior management, as well as training for your new and existing employees. MCB knows how staff turnover can affect the quality of your requests and appeals.

MCB has vast expertise in HUD Handbooks, Mortgagee Letters and Codes of Federal Regulations as it applies to the conveyance process. Consulting and Training Services Include:

  • Staff Training
  • Step‐by‐Step Training Materials
  • News Bulletins and Updates
  • Job Aids
  • Workshops

Quality Control
MCB knows first‐hand how poor quality submissions to the MCM result in unnecessary costs to the Mortgagee. We offer custom Quality Control services that are based on your needs.

By ensuring your requests or appeals are good quality before they are submitted, you will save the time and cost to resubmit or appeal. Quality Control Services Include:

  • Custom Quality Control Plan for your operation
  • Quality Control Reviews prior to submission to HUD’s MCM
  • Vendor Oversight: Review your vendor’s submissions that are done on your behalf